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Our business

We might say that everyone can cultivate paprika, however it requires special knowledge and experience to produce high quality paprika in an environmentally sound way.

We have been cultivating paprika in Szentes since the 1970’s by using continuous technical development to create a modern agricultural company. We believe that by applying our professional knowledge and using our resources in an environmentally optimal way we can create a progressive agricultural business.

By using isolated soilless growing we have generated a more clean and healthy environment for our precious paprika.

Why is paprika healthier this way?

  • Minimal health risk

    No or minimal risk of soil related infection.

  • Optimal development

    The environmental features (temperature, water supply) have been optimized for the need of the plant, resulting in fewer stress conditions.

  • Faster and more secure growth

    By providing optimal circumstances, our system results in earlier maturation. This way the product can stay longer in the market, so you can have Bakó paprika all year long.

  • Economical production

    As a result of the well established production system we have succeeded in decreasing the water usage, health risks and chemical output.

  • Higher production and quality

    Our paprika can grow in optimal circumstances, which results in high production rate, quality and health.

  • Optimal nutrition supply

    We can provide the optimal nutrition supply in all phases of plant development.

Bakó paprika relies on natural resources!


The isolated, natural ground relies on high quality water supply provided by the natural thermal water resources of Szentes. For 40 years, a 12 thermal pump system has been established in the Szentes area which, after the cascade usage, leads the water into a 140 ha thermal lake. This has resulted in a special natural habitat which was declared to be a natural reserve in 2005. Our family business is part of this system.


Due to our environment friendly philosophy and decreased carbon dioxide output we built our very own thermal pump in 2012, which provides 65 C°water coming from 1450 m depth.

We consider sustainability our top priority, and to avoid unnecessary water usage we created a double control system. By using computer based systems we were able to reduce the thermal water usage by 50%. Because of this only the necessary amount of water reaches the surface.

Biological plant protection

Protection against pests and infection is an essential part of agriculture. In our business we use biological plant protection, where the natural enemies of agricultural pests are used as a key component.

The integrated crop and biological plant protection is widely used nowadays as it is an effective complement of chemical protection. It contributes to the reduced usage of protective chemicals and due to this the reduction of environmental stress.


Paprika species

Production sensors

Caring attention and the hopes of the future

Our company has grown from a family business where all members contributed to paprika production. The heart of our business is Edit who, with her caring attention, follows the growth of every single paprika from the flower production until the cultivation.

We want to ensure the future of Bakó paprika by teaching our children the values we stand for. They love to eat paprika, teaching us that the philosophy ofa healthy lifestyle should start in childhood.

Our vision

We picked today!

Besides caring attention, the secret of Bakó Paprika lies in the freshness. The scent and flavor of freshly cultivated paprika cannot be compared to anything else.

Our mission is that paprika reaches your dinner table on the very same day it is picked. To do so we continuously improve our logistics and expand our network.

We are going to be everywhere soon!
Look for our logo and the scent of fresh paprika!